security first

This is where it all started for Safe Only Ltd. - with us and our friends face to face with yet another disinterested, rude, frankly aggressive security guard who absolutely didn't 'get it', and had no stake in the basic enjoyment or safety of our community.

We've been misgendered too many times to count, we've been assaulted during unlawful searches, we've been gaslit, we've been criminalized, pathologized, ostracized, alienated....

We've had enough!

We are no longer willing to accept venues and parties that consider security only as an afterthought, if they consider it at all. 
So we're here to provide a team of highly trained, exclusively queer, SIA licenced security personnel who know the party because it's their space too. We're talking trauma informed, consent led, harm reduction centred beings. We're dreaming big, baby!

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