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Welfare & Harm Reduction

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Our Story

We're Safe Only Ltd. A not-for-profit, peer led team of queer nightlife angels, raising the standard one party at a time.

You've seen us on the door. You've seen us working the bar. You've seen us serving welfare. You've seen us on the dancefloor. ​

You know us and we know you ❤​

Our community deserves more from the party planners! We deserve to be looked out for by people who know what we need, who we are, what makes us thrive! ​We're done with impersonal security that has no stake in our community's joy.

We're done with hiding from management because we're scared of being kicked out. So we're bringing you the all inclusive security/welfare/harm reduction team of your dreams - hot AF, fully trained, and at your service.

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Our Values

1. For us, by us – security, welfare, harm reduction and nightlife services for LGBTQ+ events, with a team of exclusively queer individuals.

2. Cultural shifts – promoting the values of harm reduction, self-regulation, community care within nightlife spaces. Acknowledging our community practices and working with them, rather than against them.

3. Setting the standard – paying everyone specialist wages which reflect the skill, expertise and commitment to the job. Working with venues and promoters willing to guarantee a high standard of working conditions for all our team.

4.  Nothing but love – we’re not interested in scare tactics, intimidation or brute force. We will not co-opt the behaviours of systems which oppress queer people. We work with de-escalation principles, from a starting point of calling in before pushing out.

5. On It Staff – access to niche training, with options of specialisms for all our team. Everyone will receive thorough induction training, no matter what their previous experience in the field. Accessible, community specific, queerly skewed. Working with practitioners whose approaches reflect ours.

6. Heart of the party – our hearts are with the party goers. We share the space with them, we bring the energy we want to receive.