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 Welfare & Harm Reduction 

There's nothing new about peer support, which is at the root of welfare provision. Our community has been looking out for each other forever, nowhere more proactively and poignantly than in the spaces we inhabit after dark.


Welfare builds on that natural instinct that is part of our queer makeup to care for each other, and recognizes that that care extends beyond things going 'wrong' (whatever that means). Welfare workers share the space with the party, a presence to lightly hold space for the decisions we all make, whatever their outcome; we are proactively looking to support and believe you when you need that energy and input.


We are intuitively skilled and highly trained in conflict resolution, de-escalation, drug awareness/response. We centre harm reduction in everything we do. 


A welfare presence in your space sends a powerful message to the community you're inviting in that all of their being is welcome and cared for - introverted, messy, hedonistic, exuberant, and yes, sometimes in need of recentring, calling in, or reflective guidance. 

A message to party-goers...

The welfare team is all yours! Think of us as a gift from the party organizers to you, there to share in any moment you offer us, whether you’re thriving and riding high, or find yourself somewhere unexpected, and you’re not sure where things are taking you. We’re not security. Our priority is your wellness – we want to keep you at the party for as long as that serves you! 
So please bring us your whole selves, with no fear or shame around anything that’s coming with you. We welcome all of your being 😊 
The welfare workers are highly trained, with incredibly managed expectations about what makes a party a party, from personal and professional experience. 
We look forward to celebrating with you! 


Pay and Booking 

Our team is ready for your party! We have a diverse group of welfare lovelies, which means we can tailor our worker/s to suit the community of your party or event. What a delight! 

As you'd expect, we pay our welfare team the real real living wage of £15 an hour*

Contact us to find out how welfare can fit into your event, with a little information about your hopes and expectations for a welfare presence, and the sort of thing you're putting on. 

So - our rate to you works on a sliding scale to suit your budget. We start at a 20% overhead on the hourly wage, and go up to infinity% for you big spenders (i.e. starting at £18ph, going up to £....). Most parties come in at around £22ph per worker. We'll talk through what's doable during the early collaboration process :) Our main priority is supporting you to shape your party with the love and care it deserves, and we welcome sensitive conversations about dollars and cents.

Our cancellation policy: You can cancel up to 72 hours ahead of a shift with no fee. Within 72 hours, we may ask for 25% of the charge, within 48 hours we may as for 50%, and on the day cancellations may require you to pay the full booking fee. 



 *£15 minimum wage: Who is calling for it and could it happen? - The Big Issue 

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