OUr pay and rates

Nightlife workers are often on shockingly low wages, and we're having absolutely none of it. We can't dismantle capitalism overnight, but we can demand a fair wage for skilled, specialist workers while we bring on the revolution ;)  

To that end, all of our staff are paid a minimum of £15 per hour - the real real living wage*! ​Our overhead generally takes this to a total of £20ph per worker +VAT at 20%. This is always on a sliding scale from £18ph upwards, and we invite you to be honest with us about what suits your budget. We work on a trust basis, and won't question this :)

We appreciate that not all of our customers are VAT registered, and cannot claim back the extra cost. We want to be flexible here, so for our non-VAT registered customers, our standard rate is £18ph, +VAT (which works out at £3.60). Again, please feel welcome to speak to us about what works for your budget here.

A note on fundraisers - we love to work them! And we want you to raise as much as possible! So depending on the scale of your event, we would be happy to waive our overhead altogether. With VAT in mind (literally always in mind), our fee in this case would be £18ph per worker, inclusive of VAT. After tax, Safe Only will receive £15, which will go directly to the worker.

We share this in the interest of transparency, and welcome any hot insider tips and tricks of the trade to help us navigate the very unqueer world of business management!

Our Cancellation Policy:
We understand that sometimes last minute changes happen that are beyond control. However, we want to make sure our workers don't miss out on earnings any more than they have to when this is the case. Our cancellation policy means that you may still have to pay some or all of the expected booking fee, depending on when you cancel;
Cancellation within 72 hours - payment of up to 25% of booking  
Cancellation within 48 hours - payment of up to 50% of booking
‍Cancellation within 24 hours - payment of up to 75% of booking
Cancellation within 12 hours/on the day - payment of up to 100% of booking